post contemporary circus

The big bagaga show

a celebration of failure

cardiff // 5-8/09

(previews // 3&4/09)

London // 12-22/09

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Suitable for all ages.

75 minutes

(15 minute interval)

performed in a circus tent.

Commissioned by Waltham Forest, London Borough of Culture 2019. £2 tickets available to Waltham Forest residents.

The Big Bagaga show is a celebration of failure. Circus is an art form that rubs shoulders with failure in every possible way. In training, performance and practice the circus is almost always in a state of risk. Most circus companies do their upmost to avoid showing this in their work, Company-ish runs into it without a second thought, head first and giggling the entire way.

 The Big Bagaga rejoices in the ordinary. The artists don’t have six pack abs, their legs don’t go on forever and their faces leave a lot to be desired. The Big Bagaga show is about visceral connection. Just as much about the people doing technique as it is about the technique itself.

The show features: aerial hoop, juggling, ensemble acrobatics, cyr wheel, arial rope, trapeze, teeter board, tight-wire and is accompanied by a live band. popcorn, candy floss, alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks are available.

 The Big Bagaga is a joyous, absurd flirtation with that which we cannot avoid. Reveling in our ability to fail. Made for the many, not the few.




Company-ish is a new post-contemporary circus. We are the associate company of NoFit State Circus and are supported by the National Centre for Circus Arts. We were born out of a desire to see circus connect with a new audience, whilst remaining embedded in the tradition of tented touring.

Our aim is to make ordinary people feel extraordinary, finding the pleasure and humanity within circus and allowing our audience to be a part of that energy. Our work is fresh, bold and beautiful. Challenging the preconceptions of what circus is, and proving what circus can be.

post contemporary?

We describe our work as post-contemporary because of our artistic stance. We don't believe in sticking to the traditional, classical circus format. Nor do we prescribe to the contemporary circus model of playing to theatre audiences and trying to adapt our art to fit another’s mould.

We are circus, proud of what we do and who we are. our work is unashamedly skilful, and also deeply imbedded in the exploration of the human condition. questioning everything whilst realising that there are no real answers. Our circus is made to inspire the audience to laugh heartily, feel more and think differently.


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